United Kingdom Applications:

To inquire about beginning training in the tradition in the United Kingdom:

Please use the email contacts below.

Prospective Monjin (Students) may observe one class only before beginning training.

Non United Kingdom Applications:

To inquire about beginning training in the tradition outside of the United Kingdom:

Please visit Shinbukan Dōjō website in Japan by using this link:



Steven Bikow:


Fritchley Hall Dōjō: Fritchley, Derbyshire.

Please email to:

Northern Ireland

Jeffrey Morrow:


Heibukan Dōjō: Lurgan, County Armagh, Northern Ireland.

Please email to:

London Area

Allan Gill:


Toryumonkan Dōjō:  Wimbledon area.

Please email to:


Matthew Partis:


Dōjō: School of Heiho: Pocklington, York.

Please email to:


Even today, those interested in joining the tradition must sign an oath to the deities of the Katori Shrine. This blood oath is a tradition that has been transmitted for generations.  It ensures that aspiring students understand the correct attitude with which they are expected to approach entry to and study within the tradition. Applicants pledge to uphold the following rules:

Oath to the Supreme Deities

On becoming a member of the Tenshinshō-Den Katori Shintō-Ryū, which has been transmitted by the Great Deity of the Katori Shrine, I herewith affirm my pledge that:

1. I will not have the impertinence to discuss or demonstrate details of the ryu to either non-members or members, even if they are relatives;

2. I will not engage in altercations or misuse the art against others;

3. I will not engage in any kind of gambling or frequent disreputable places;

4. I will not cross swords with any followers of other martial traditions without authorization

I hereby pledge to firmly adhere to each of the above articles. Should I break any of these articles I will submit to the punishment of the Great Deity of Katori and the Great Deity Marishiten. Herewith I solemnly swear and affix my blood seal to this oath to these Great Deities.

Once completed, the applicant is recognized as a member of the tradition, with the pledge serving to teach them the correct approach toward the tradition and the learning process.